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The Welcome Committee was formed after the May 2018 Annual Meeting when volunteers signed up to participate.  The goal of the committee is to present a welcoming atmosphere for all newcomers to the Circle D Community by presenting them with a welcome bag containing helpful information about the area.

There are currently five members on the committee who have spent the last several months gathering information for the welcome bags that are now ready for distribution.  Some of the information included in the welcome bag is a refrigerator magnet with emergency numbers that will be easily accessible if needed; a brochure with a map of the Circle D area showing the different sections along with other useful information about vendors used by others in the area; fire brochures giving information about how to do outdoor burning and how to prepare your home and property to avoid fires; an article about the 2011 fire to share the history of the area; and many other pamphlets gathered from the Chamber of Commerce.

If you are new to the Circle D neighborhood and would like to receive our welcome bag, please contact Susan Green at 832-689-7841 or Cherie Ratcliff at 512-689-7031.  Then we can arrange a time that is convenient for you to have the welcome bag delivered by our committee.


Donations from local businesses for the welcome bag are gratefully accepted. Coupons or discounts to help people get to know our area would be appropriate. Feel free to contact one of our members listed above.


If you would like to join the committee, there will be a sign up sheet at the annual meeting each year to help generate new membership.

Submitted by Judy Everett


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