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Animal Policy

Phone Numbers:

Bastrop County Animal Control


Bastrop County Sheriff


Bastrop County/Texas A&M Agricultural Extension



Animal Committee Charter

Meeting July 6, 2018

Meeting July 12, 2018

Meeting July 26, 2018

Meeting August 9, 2018

Final Recommendation


The Restrictions are the same for the ten sections in the Circle D Subdivision and include the following items:

1. No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, kept or bred on any lot for any commercial purpose.

2. Such animals may be kept as pets or for personal use or consumption.

3. The CIVIC ASSOCIATION may establish maximum limits as to number of any type of animal that may be kept on each parcel.

4. All parcels on which animals are kept must be adequately fenced so as to keep said animals confined to that parcel.

What If...

Do This...

A hog and goats are getting off owners property and into the dry creek bed leading into our lakes and sometimes onto neighbors lots.

Call the sheriff's office about the farm animal and animal control about the pets, then report to the association for recording keeping purposes.

My neighbor’s dogs are fenced in but keep getting in my yard and scaring my cats. I talked to my neighbor but he doesn’t know how to fix the problem.

The next time the dogs are in your yard, call Animal Control.

I heard somebody has a pet goat and is making and selling goat cheese. I thought animals couldn’t be kept for commercial purposes.

Commercial use of animals is not allowed. First, speak to the owner. If situation continues, notify the board.

There are loose dogs running around.

Does it look like a pet? Put a notice on Next Door. Otherwise contact Animal Control.

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