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Circle D is a thriving community committed to preserving the quality of life, vegetation, wildlife, and community facilities. Committees work to ensure that Circle D continues to be a great place to live. Circle D is a deed restricted subdivision. 

9-11 Wildfire
On Sunday, September 4, 2011, the Bastrop County Complex Fire ignited (the article has a factual error – there were only 2 deaths due to the fire, not 4).  It is still considered the worst wildfire in Texas history. The primary fire started in Circle D in the northeast corner of County Road and Charolais Dr but later merged with another fire that began at roughly the same time 4 miles to the north.  The cause of the fire in Circle D was a dead pine tree blowing onto the electrical line (as reported by the homeowner who first called 911).   Read more...

Preparing for Wildfires - an article from the Texas A&M Forest Service
Fire Wise USA - an article from the National Fire Protection Association
Disaster Preparedness Checklists - Learn how to protect yourself and cope with disaster by planning ahead. 

Wild Forest Fires
Representative John Cyrier

(512) 463-0682

Senator Kirk Watson

(512) 463-0114

Texas Parks and Wildlife

(512) 389-4800

Fire: Emergency Services District #2

(844) 347-3373

Sheriff:Non-Emergency 24 hrs

(512) 549-5100

(512) 549-5110

Game Warden

(512) 389-4848

County Commissioner Precinct 2 Clara Beckett

(512) 581-4002

Constable Precinct 2

August Meduna, Jr 

(512) 581-7113


(512) 332-7201


(512) 581-7100

Tax Assessor/Collector

(512) 581-7161

Appraisal District

(512) 303-1930

County Parks

(512) 332-7201

Animal Control

(512) 549-5160

Environmental and Sanitation

(512) 581-7176

Recycling Center and Transfer Station

(512) 549-5166

Aqua Water Supply Corporation

(512) 303-3943

Bluebonnet Electric  

(800) 842-7708

Bastrop Advertiser

(800) 842-7708

Park Committee

The task of the Park Committee is to maintain and improve properties and facilities owned by the Association. Members may reserve the pavilion at no charge by submitting the Park Pavilion Reservation Form. ​If you are interested in serving on the Park Committee, fill out the Committee Application. Email the Park Committee Chair for questions or comments:

  • Maintenance

    • Accept bids to mow, weed eat, remove trash, kill weeds, trim trees and shrubs, clean up trails and shorelines​

    • Remove intrusive plants in the lakes

    • Provide portable toilet facilities

  • Improvements​

    • Erect swings

    • Add signage ​

    • Explore possible uses for the reserve area between Old Firetower and Shore Front Rd

    • Expand the walking trails

Results of Fish Study, 8/10/19


Park Committee Reports

October 12, 2019

September, 2019

August, 2019

July, 2019

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Circle D Civic Association received a grant from Kaboom! through a partnership with the Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team after the 2011 wildfire. With the help of many volunteers, our playground was built in one day on September 20, 2012. Circle D added a pavilion a couple of months later. The swings were installed February, 2020. Since then, Circle D has worked to maintain a clean and safe environment for our property owners.  

Play Scape.jpg

"This kid-inspired playspace was made possible through the funding and volunteer power of Disney, ESPN, Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team, Circle D Civic Association, KaBOOM! and this community."



One of the most scenic aspects of Circle D is Hicks Lake, also know as the George Ross Lakes, located on FM 1441 near the fire station. The two lakes are part of the Circle D common area and are available for the Circle D community. 


While actual documents could not be found regarding the development of the Lakes, most recollections begin with the late 60s/early 70s. During that time, the area was part of Camp Swift. Then the land was purchased by various developers. In 1976, TimeWealth Corporation turned over the Circle D development to the newly formed Circle D Civic Association. By 1986, the lakes were referred to as the Twin Lakes and the lower dam was called Hicks Dam. A Twin Lakes Beautification Project was formed to work on cleaning up the area. The Fire Station was added in 1986, staffed by volunteer firefighters.  In 1992, the Circle D Board decided to rename the lakes in honor of George Ross, a long-time board member. Today, the lakes are now referred to as the George Ross Lakes (Upper and Lower).

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee was formed after the May 2018 Annual Meeting when volunteers signed up to participate.  The goal of the committee is to present a welcoming atmosphere for all newcomers to the Circle D Community by presenting them with a welcome bag containing helpful information about the area.

If you are new to the Circle D neighborhood, or know someone is new, and would like to receive our welcome bag, please email to arrange a time that is convenient for you to have the welcome bag delivered by our committee.


Donations from local businesses for the welcome bag are gratefully accepted. Coupons or discounts to help people get to know our area would be appropriate. 

​If you are interested in serving on the Welcome Committee, fill out the Committee Application.

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