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Circle D is a scenic community located in the Lost Pines of Bastrop County, TX. The area’s beautiful pines and small lakes offer an idyllic rural setting for life in the country.  Circle D is a deed restricted subdivision.

Items of Interest

The next Board Meeting will be Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 8:30 am at the fire station - 1432 State Hwy 95.


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Board meetings are at 8:30 a.m. and are held the second Saturday February, April, July, September, November, and December at the fire station 

1432 State Hwy 95,

Bastrop, TX.


CDCA Office Hours:

Monday Closed

Tuesday 11 am to 3 pm

Wednesday 11 am to 3 pm

Thursday 11 am to 3 pm

Friday 1 pm to 5 pm

Lana Thomas - Office Manager

Sophia Wilcox - Bookkeeper

Office Location:

111 N Hasler Blvd Rm 214

Bastrop, TX 78602-3984

(512) 321-5272

Mailing Address:

PO Box 852

Bastrop, Texas 78602

Park Location:

930 FM 1441

Bastrop, Texas 78602


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Circle D Notifications

Updated 09/26/2023



CDCA Community Garage Sale


When: October 7th, 2023

Where: CDCA Park - 930 FM 1441 and Members Homes 

Time: 8am - Until

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Circle D Neighborhood BBQ Party


The CDCA Welcome Committee hosted a Circle D Neighborhood BBQ Party on July 29, 2023 at the CDCA Park Pavilion. The Welcome Committee provided hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and water, and some of our members brought treats. Kids played games while the adults enjoyed meeting and talking with their neighbors. The BBQ Party was such a success the Welcome Committee is planning on hosting another at a later date. Stay tuned!   









                                                  Select picture to see pictures of the BBQ Party.


                                A Word From Our Board President On Moving Forward


Howdy Neighbors!

Doesn’t it seem “hokey” when someone says, “Howdy Neighbor”?  But in this case, it’s true.  If you are reading this, it means we’re neighbors.  We are all neighbors in Circle D.  My name is Jim Stephens and I’m your new Board President.  I’d like to take just a few minutes of your time and pass along some thoughts. 

As you know, you elected several new members to the Board at the annual meeting back in May.  I was honored to be nominated to assume the role of President and I graciously accepted.  To my fellow Board members, I say thank you and I’m excited to see what we can do in the coming year.

I’ve been on the Board for a year.  In the past year, I observed how the Board conducted business and was trying, as best as it could, to become transparent, be responsive to the membership and bring a sense of professionalism to the association. Considering the constant criticism, disapproval, and ill-will shown by a select few toward the Board, it’s amazing we were able to accomplish anything!  I assure you serving on the Board is not easy.  At the very least, serving as a Board Member places great demands on your time.  At this time, I’d like to congratulate the former Board members and officers.  Considering the obstacles, you faced at every turn…Job well done and thank you! 

A new way of thinking
I think it’s time the Board and the property owners chart a new course.  It’s time we started working together for the betterment of our community and our association.  The hostile and adversarial attitude is not productive and can no longer be tolerated in our community.  The “us vs. them” mentality has got to stop.  It’s time we start exhibiting mutual respect and conduct ourselves as appropriate.  I’ve talked to many of you, and I know you agree with me.

Going forward 
I can promise you that the Board will continue to be as transparent as possible, and we will continue to conduct CDCA business (your business) as best as we can.  Please remember, none of your Board members are “Professional” Board members.  We are all volunteers; we are your neighbors, and we are going to make mistakes.  We are doing this to help maintain the standard of quality within the neighborhood.  Our neighborhood and the CDCA association can only be a success with YOUR help.  Please think about joining a committee and please be considerate of what the Board is trying to accomplish FOR YOU.

Deed restricted community
I’d like to remind everyone that Circle D is a deed restricted community.  You were made aware of this when you bought your property.  As a property owner in a deed restricted community, you have certain responsibilities.  The Board also has a responsibility to manage those restrictions and do so in a fair and equitable manner.  As we move forward, the Board will address property owner issues on a case-by-case basis and in said fair and equitable manner.  The Board will act responsibly and always in the best interest of the association.

I used to live in a homeowner’s association, and I can assure you that the restrictions and annual fees we have here in Circle D are easy and minimal compared to other property associations.  Consider this…the deed restrictions are in place for a reason.  The restrictions help us maintain our property values while at the same time living in the country.  

One last thought……
I was Treasurer at the time of the annual meeting back in May.  I made a presentation to the audience with data showing how we are spending the association money and how the cost of EVERYTHING is rising.  At the end of the presentation, I assured those present at the meeting that the Board would spend the summer evaluating every aspect of our operational costs and exploring new avenues to generate revenue in an effort not to raise our annual dues.  

Although our annual dues are minimum compared to our property values and other homeowner association dues, the amount we pay is still important to all of us.  I’m sure we all agree that raising the annual dues should be the last option.

Now that I’m President, I plan to deliver on my promise to you.  Beginning in July, a workgroup will be formed to start a thorough review of the annual dues and what the Board may be able to change as we continue to be good stewards of the association’s finances.  The Board will present its findings to you in the fall.

As we start down this path over the next year, I ask for your patience and support.

Jim Stephens
CDCA Board President



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