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2020 Candidates for Circle D Board of Directors

If you have a question for any of the candidates, call the office at 512.321.5272 during office hours or email


Candidate: Anna Corley


When I first moved here in 2017, it was very peaceful. This is what I had been looking for, for retirement. However, everything changed in 2018. Duplicity, irregular/secret meetings, odd goings on, etc. There is a lot of frustration, anger, animosity at neighbors, within this community. Things CAN be accomplished without anger. I believe that if everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is put forth, front and center, for all residents to be informed of, to evaluate, and to make informed decisions, a LOT of this animosity can dissipate. No secret meetings. No trying to get around residents’ deed restrictions. No under-the-table deals to profit ANYONE. No threats, no spooking around residents’ homes. Just, honest, live, let live, make our community better actions and behavior. I think all of us need to “take a knee” and take a breath. I served 26 years in the Army and know how to run staff meetings and how to resolve disagreements. Yes, I can be blunt. It’s the only way I know how to be. We need to reach “détente” between residents and the board. The acrimony is suffocating. If elected to the board, I will do my best to do just that. Let people live their lives, on their property, that they paid for, to just LIVE. This is not Austin. This is Bastrop. Let’s keep it that way.


Candidate: Doug Marousek


I am extremely impressed by the improvements a short handed board has made this past year for our POA. Having served on the board for a year in 2018 and 2019, I understand how much time the volunteer board members have spent on these efforts. I would like to serve again on your board in order to help and continue the progress that has been made towards an even-handed, modern POA. Updated bylaws will be on the ballot also, and I support a “yes” vote to adopt them as part of the Civic Association’s governing documents.

Like most of you, my wife and I chose to live in Circle D because of the Lost Pines forest. Our retirement in 2014 brought her back near home in Austin where she grew up. I was raised in north Idaho where I was schooled from second grade through college, ending with a B. S. in accounting and economics. I attended graduate school at UT for one year before completing an M.S. degree in Ag. Economics which led to a 33 year career as a statistician with the U. S. Dept of Agriculture.

Picture McNabb.jpg

Candidate: Dan McNabb


Hello. I have served on the Circle D Civic Assoction Board since last May. We chose to purchase property in Circle D and build our home here 17 years ago because it was a deed restricted subdivision. We live in a section of Circle D that was partially impacted by the fire of 2011. Like many others, we lost property that included a house, workshop and most of the beautiful trees on our property. It has taken many years to partially recuperate from those losses. Moving forward, my goal as a member of the Board over the past year has been to help see our neighborhood rebuild responsibly while maintaining the beauty of our subdivision. The way we can accomplish this is by maintaining responsible development of residential properties and by adhering to our standards. Given the opportunity, I will continue to serve my fellow neighbors.

Thank you for your support.


Candidate: Mark McNeese


Born in Nebr and moved to Texas in 1976. Moved to Austin in 1986. Bought property in Circle D in 2010. Started building after plan approval in 2011 before the fire. I’ve always been a carpenter and started building custom homes in east Tx. Developed 100 acre subdivision w/roads and 10 acre lake w/dad and brother outside of Huntsville. Built last custom home in Bastrop in 1993. For my education I attended Nebraska Weslyan Austin community college and concordia university with undergraduate studies in communication. I graduated from Memphis theological seminary in 2001 and returned to Austin Texas to Pastor as ordained Cumberland Presbyterian in 2001 I served as senior pastor at Austin first Cumberland Presbyterian Church until 2012. I resigned to help rebuild Bastrop area w/Disaster Recovery after fire. One project included building of playscape w/250 other volunteers w/Kaboom. I’ve lived full time in Circle D since beginning of 2019 w/daughter and granddaughter. I feel blessed to live on one of lakes behind fire station and look forward to serving on Board w/members’ approval. 

Thanks for opportunity!


Candidate: Carol Pease


I'm a real estate broker and have served on three POA/HOA boards in the past. I have lived in Circle D for 4 years. I would be honored to serve on the CDCA board. I'm excited to see how well the board members are cooperating with each other. A lot of progress has happened in the last 2 years. I seek to enhance the direction I see this board moving forward.    


I have a Bachelor in Business, former accountant, have served on the Architectural Control Committee of 3 HOA board. I have served as an officer on several different types of boards. Former school board member, (16 years). I've served on the Volunteer in Probation board working with disadvantaged students. I've served as Parliamentarian, negotiator, and Finance chairman. Former Board Member of Bi-County Special Education and foster parent. Married to Ernest Pease. We live a quiet life with our three fur babies.

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